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11 MIND BODY SPIRIT OPEN DAY the original and most successful exhibitions of its kind, devoted to the pursuit of healthier, more spiritual and fulfilling lifestyles. The event aims to bring together the expertise of therapists / healers and leading organisations in the areas of health and well-being, fitness, eco-living, complementary medicine, holistic therapies, spirituality and personal growth. Read more

Hong Kong & China Capabilities With our broad experience, strong background and knowledge as well as good "GuanXi" in China, M V Reach Communications provides a range of public relations / public affairs services read more
About our director - Ruby
Join Us as we increase awareness of spirituality in Hong Kong. By checking this listing regularly you can keep abreast of happenings that can benefit you and the world. Our events are designed to help your mind, body and soul flourish. They include Hong Kong Holistic Fair, Mind Body Spirit Open Day, Psychics Carnival, Hong Kong Yoga Fest, and our latest "to-do": Mind Body Spirit read more
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